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The e-gallery is an occasional e-publication featuring recent art and activities--sometimes on a theme, sometimes about travels or events. Included are both the paintings of Hyatt Moore and the hand made prints of Anne Moore. Along with brief commentary, it's always interesting, it's visual, and it's free.

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Number 30
November '07

Special Portrait Issue, Linocuts as Gifts

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E-Gallery Archive:

Number 30, November '07
Special Portrait Issue, Linocuts as Gifts

Number 29, August '07
New Departures in Design, Following the Muse, Tribute to Darfur

Number 28, May '07
Beach House Collectors, Kurdish Beauty.

Number 27, January '07
Printmaking Praise, Still Lifes, Encaustics.

Number 26, November '06
New Experiments, Media Ads, Monotypes and Printmaking on the Floor.

Number 25, September '06
Standing Figures, Magnificent Monotypes.

Number 24, June '06
Plein Air Painting, New & Large Monotypes, New Gallery in Oregon.

Number 23, April '06
Guatemala Gallery, Alo Hayati Magazine, Band of Brothers

Number 22, February '06
One-thousandth Painting, New Abstracts

Number 21, November '05
Flamenco Dancers, Textbook Cover Art, China Dolls, Tribes Gallery 

Number 20, August '05
Mission Paintings, Introducing Allison Moore

Number 19, June '05
Sandstone Gallery, Focus Magazine
Special piece: Focus Magazine Article

Number 18, April '05
Masai and Others, Wilford Gallery, Santa Fe

Number 17, March '05
Dancers, Townscapes, More Collographs

Number 16, December '04
Kenya Orphanage, New Collographs

Number 15, October '04
Guatemala, Open Doors, Nowland Book

Number 14, September '04
Horses, Ballerinas, Arapahos

Number 13, July '04
Zora Neal Hurston, Russian Cowboys

Number 12, May '04
Child Monk, Japan Prints, Public Painting

Number 11, March '04
Open House Events for Art

Number 10, November '03
Philipine Embassy, "Suicide" Linocuts

Number 9, October '03
Cards, Portraits, Singaporean Copy

Number 8, September '03
Christian Venues, St. Regis, Ambi

Number 7, August '03
World Weaving, Prodigal Son

Number 6, July '03
Art in Northwest, China Pieces, Dawn

Number 5, May '03
San Juan, Nigeria, Etchings

Number 4, March '03
Local Characters, Prints of the Cross

Number 3, Feb. '03
Nigeria Trip Sketches

Number 2, Jan. '03
Feeding 3000, Tibetan Harvest

Number 1, Dec. '02
Fear Not, Getting the News