Luke 14 Mural Revealed

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Just a week ago I shared the beginnings of a giant mural. Here’s a few pictures of the process and a great time-lapse video they produced of it all.


This was the day before our 49th anniversary, when I put up the sign saying so. Here I am throwing paint. That small painting on the left is for another project coming up, brought as sample. (Click on all these pictures to enlarge.)

The first day was really one of preparation. A professional carpenter had built the stretcher bars to size, done with kiln-dried wood and dowels (no nails or screws). It was waiting for us on-site. I brought a giant bolt of canvas and, with help, stretched and stapled it onto the bars. Then Anne and I went to work putting in a background color. Some asked, “Why blue?” It was just to get rid of all that white. But as I thought about it, God’s banquet would likely be outside . . . no ceiling, no walls, with blue sky and stars.

The venue was the large Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village and the occasion, a first-ever international conference of disabled people sponsored by Joni and Friends, a well-known organization dedicated to helping these people in a myriad of ways and around the world.


Every one in the picture is a real person with a real story. The little boy in the front was recipient of Joni and Friends’ one-hundred-thousandth donated wheelchair.

After preparation, it was a four-day project. Of course they were 12 to 14-hour days. The photos here were taken on the last day, when I asked Anne to get involved again, as she had on the first day. Though very much an artist, Anne is not a painter. No matter: I needed the help. She put in the fruit on the table and a few other details. When she wasn’t painting, she was “handling traffic” as people gathered around at multiple times day and evening, between sessions and during meals.


Enlarge to see details like the photo and my famous ironing board and laptop, all very handy tools Da Vinci could have wished he had.

Planning for this project started about a year and a half ago. I was confident I could paint what they had in mind, but only if I had a photo to work from. Just two weeks before, all these people, with various disabilities, sometimes along with their caretaker, dressed in international garb were photographed. The photo session took a whole day, with some elements photoshopped in later. A print of the result is on the wheeled cart in front of Anne.


Notice that some at the table are servers, and in fact often the disabled need a full-time helper (or more) just to get on. God bless both parties.

The mural depicts a take on Jesus’s parable in Luke 14 where a man prepared a grand banquet but everyone invited was too busy to come. So he instructed his servants to go out and get people from among “the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.” It’s a theme truth with Joni and Friends and the mural will hang prominently in their headquarters and speak to what they’re about.

It’s real people depicted in the mural, including one from Jamaica blinded and disfigured after being assaulted with battery acid, a scarred soldier without an ear, a little Guatemalan boy with severe cerebral palsy, a lovely young (pregnant) woman who suffered a stroke . . . and more.

Nine hundred people were at the conference, and I must say I was changed in the process. This is a real population, worldwide, often ignored, often further abused, particularly in third-world situations. Joni and Friends is a singular organization doing what they can to address it. Their website is here.

Here’s the video. (Click on the little arrows to enlarge.)

The following Sunday the pastor of the church where we’d been all week changed his whole plan to review and share with his congregations what had taken place. It gives a fuller picture. If you’d like to view it, it’s here.

I should add that Joni Erickson Tada is a quadriplegic since a teen, is also an artist (she paints with a brush in her mouth) as well as author (50 books), speaker (everywhere), and possibly the most inspiring person you’ll ever meet. I was honored to be chosen to do this project for her, and for all those she and her friends are working tirelessly to help.




  1. Judy Brocato Feb 24, 2015
    6:19 pm

    my profound words are: WOW! That’s the first words that came out of my mouth when I watched the video!!! Wow! Absolutely breathtaking watching it……watching you paint….watching Anne come along side you and painting…….using a broom to paint the background….the faces of the people….the blog itself…..all of it……and all I can say is WOW with emotion & tears ready to burst out…..Bless you and Anne!

  2. Sheila Goetze Feb 24, 2015
    6:37 pm

    It was wonderful to be able to view the video and see you actually painting this large piece. Beautiful job!

  3. Scott McOwen Feb 24, 2015
    6:43 pm


    This is wonderful.


  4. Dave Oltrogge Feb 24, 2015
    6:47 pm

    Wonderful! “And Lord, haste the day…”

  5. Pam Panattoni Feb 24, 2015
    6:53 pm

    This is an amazing project, Hyatt and Anne! What a fabulous result. I am awed by your energy and enthusiasm and your talent. And you use it to benefit so many people.

  6. Sara Morello Feb 24, 2015
    7:12 pm

    Hyatt and Anne,
    This mural is amazing; the theme, the work itself brought to fruition by two wonderfully talented artists who love the Lord Jesus.
    “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1Peter 4:10
    That you have, dear ones.

  7. Marilyn Wendland Feb 24, 2015
    7:12 pm

    What an incredible accomplishment! How honouring to God and to all of these individuals with their unique stories. Yet another job well done.

  8. Denise Feb 24, 2015
    7:16 pm

    Happy to see this happening, really awesome. You did an amazing job; I’m hoping I have the chance to see it in person.

  9. claire wagner Feb 24, 2015
    7:35 pm

    Hyatt and Anne, so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us, and thanks for continuing to share your God-given talents and minds from God with us as well. You are a blessing! I always look forward to seeing/hearing what you are involved in.



  10. maryd Feb 24, 2015
    7:36 pm

    This mural is such a testament to God’s voice through your gifts as artists!
    So awesome!!!

  11. Scott Kvandal Feb 24, 2015
    7:38 pm

    Awesome job Hyatt. God must have been directing every stroke. It is my prayer that HE will use this to call many to HIMSELF for HIS glory.

  12. Rita Hopper Feb 24, 2015
    7:44 pm

    What an awesome project that speaks to all of mankind through the testament of the Lord.
    I am amazed as I look at it and listen to the words. Thank you for such a wonderful testimony!

  13. Allan hedberg Feb 24, 2015
    7:49 pm

    God ordained!! You had to have the mind of Chtist in this project.

  14. Yvette Granados Feb 24, 2015
    7:59 pm


  15. Barbara DiFrancia Feb 24, 2015
    8:01 pm


  16. Susan Morrison Feb 24, 2015
    8:42 pm

    Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Sophia Beccue Feb 24, 2015
    8:54 pm

    Wonderful! Great to have the privilege to watch you paint the mural live. Great job!!!!

  18. Ginney Feb 24, 2015
    9:11 pm

    That is inspiring on so many levels! I love the bible verse that goes along with what that project was about….. I cannot imagine painting something that ambitious in 4 days….. What a blessing to be able to use your talent to inspire others……well done!
    Ginney Herbert

  19. Jen Feb 24, 2015
    9:13 pm

    I so enjoyed seeing your work on this project! I connect on a personal level as I worked with Joni and Friends during my college years and was able to go on a trip to Ghana with them to distribute wheelchairs. It is an opportunity that I will never forget.

  20. susan maurillo Feb 24, 2015
    9:20 pm

    hyatt and ann,
    i so miss being your student, hyatt, but I am still learning from you!
    i am honored to know you both!
    what a legacy you leave!
    truly humbling,

  21. Scott Anderson Feb 24, 2015
    9:45 pm

    I have always thought that no one is truly disabled when in Jesus’ company.

    I have imagined what that looks like, but have never seen a picture of it until now.

    2 Corinthians 9:8 NIV
    [8] And God is ABLE to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

  22. Cheryl Chalkler Feb 24, 2015
    9:50 pm

    Incredible!!! Well done. A worthy undertaking. You and Anne
    brought honor and glory to God and the people
    you represented so very well in this phenomenal
    mural. The video was amazing to watch.

  23. Linda Parisi Feb 24, 2015
    9:51 pm

    Breathtaking. Seriously, don’t have words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And what a treat to see my beloved friend Katherine Arnold Wolf in the center. So special.

  24. Becky Toth Feb 24, 2015
    10:08 pm

    This is absolutely beautiful. Touched my heart!!

  25. Mike Evans Feb 24, 2015
    10:12 pm

    You can really see the Lord’s hand on this one… start to finish, and beyond… as the painting and the event will live on for many years. Well done good and faithful servants.

  26. Norm Feb 24, 2015
    10:12 pm

    This leaves me breathless. What an honor to be able to serve this ministry in such a unique and meaningful way. Joni has been a rich inspiration to me throughout my adult life. And now, this… I’m rejoicing with you two, as is all of Heaven’s kingdom!

  27. Pastor Alex Boamah Feb 24, 2015
    10:59 pm

    It was great watching you paint. Thanks for taking those pictures with me also! God richly bless your family and work you create awareness on who we reject or neglect on our mission to heaven.

  28. Sherill Sedillo Feb 24, 2015
    11:12 pm

    Amazing to see this come to life before your eyes. I have always loved your work and this one is one of your best. May the Lord use your gifts to bless those who are blessed to see your work. I just watched the video with my 10 year old grandson and he said “only one word for that; AMAZING…”

  29. Lisa Hoyt Feb 25, 2015
    4:35 am

    All I can say is this is AWESOME, Anne and Hyatt! Goodness! Beautiful! and for The Lord! WOW!

  30. Joe Black Feb 25, 2015
    4:56 am

    Incredible. Testimony at its best.

  31. Tiffany Nesbitt Feb 25, 2015
    8:18 am

    Truly a celebration of all that the Father finds beautiful. Well done, Hyatt and Anne! So proud of both of you.

  32. Lynn Schrader Feb 25, 2015
    8:59 am

    A truly outstanding and inspiring piece in every way. From the masterful painting to the models themselves to the spiritual meanings. On so many levels, it’s amazing. And on so many levels,
    Thank you both- for being who you are and who God called you to be- blessing so many.

  33. Nancy Egan Feb 25, 2015
    9:05 am

    Just beautiful!

  34. Renuka Pillai Feb 25, 2015
    10:24 am

    Very amazing!

  35. Corri Feb 25, 2015
    10:28 am

    God surely blessed both of you during the creation of this painting. I had chills and got teary eyed while reading your blog Hyatt. You have amazing talent, and it finds a home where it’s called.

  36. Jane Neiswender Feb 25, 2015
    10:46 am

    This is stunning, Hyatt. How amazing to be chosen to do it. I have great respect for Joni and Friends. This is a painting that says much about Jesus’ great love!

  37. Thomas Clark Feb 25, 2015
    11:06 am

    A grand feast for the eyes. Beautiful work and a great cause. I remember painting at the Cove (Billy Graham Training Center) for a Christmas event and they had Joni’s biography in their library by the fireplace. I sat down and read it all the way through–it was so captivating. What a beautiful story and wonderful thing to have you and Anne a part of this ministry. Kudos!

  38. Nancy Evanson Feb 25, 2015
    11:22 am

    Absolutely incredible, amazing and simply beautiful! And the best part is the story this picture tells. God is glorified! Thanks for using your talent Hyatt (and Anne) for Him.

  39. Jane Moore Feb 25, 2015
    1:03 pm

    You bless so many with your talents. Everyone is special, and this mural proves that beyond words. Jane Moore

  40. D K Buris Feb 25, 2015
    2:56 pm

    Moved by the Spirit to tears of admiration and campassion! Magnificent work by Hyatt, Anne and all who contributed to this beautiful painting of these precious people! What an inspiring venture bringing this event to fruition!

  41. Laura Sanner Feb 25, 2015
    3:24 pm

    What an absolutely beautiful and meaningful painting that you created for Joni! May God continue to bless you in your work for Him! (Will you have prints of this painting available for purchase?) Thanks!

  42. melissa stultz Feb 25, 2015
    5:43 pm

    I remember this passage and now your gifts allow these words to become so very real for our times. You truly are chosen in so many ways. We are all blessed to have your inspiration.

  43. Rosalie Feb 26, 2015
    9:51 am

    Wow! I was blown away. That is awesome!!

  44. Ingjerd Evensen Feb 26, 2015
    11:34 am

    Dear Hyatt and Anne. I so much enjoyed watching this. Luke 14 certainly became special to me.

    Watching this also brought forward very special memories of time with you when I visited CanIL long time ago. I so much appreciate the painting you gave me of the PNG highlander.

  45. Steve Womack Feb 26, 2015
    11:54 am

    BRAVO! I trust this lovely painting will be a huge encouragement for these brave souls who move on with Jesus despite extreme difficulties.

  46. Lisa Carden Feb 26, 2015
    12:03 pm

    Thank you for sharing the process. The painting is beautiful.

  47. Amy Waid Feb 26, 2015
    3:07 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you for doing this–it touched my heart in so many ways!

  48. Paul Carden Feb 26, 2015
    9:19 pm

    Truly moving. Thank you, Hyatt and Anne!

  49. Rick Benjamin Feb 27, 2015
    12:00 pm

    Hyatt, this is your fellow student from Operation Impact at Azusa Pacific. In 2009 I accepted a position as a sort of chaplain for a large secular non-profit that supports people with developmental disabilities. In the beginning I had to work out my own personal theology of disability. The Luke 14 parable has come to mean a lot to me, because people with disabilities are invited to the feast UNCURED, just as they are. Your mural is wonderful and I’m sure it was a blessing to the people at Joni’s conference. God bless you and your amazing ministry, and Happy Anniversary!

    Rick Benjamin
    Hope Community Resources
    Anchorage, Alaska

  50. Don & Julia Ellis Feb 27, 2015
    1:58 pm

    Literally took my breathe away and brought me to tears. What a blessing and servants you both are.

  51. […] Here’s little Ebenezer, his crooked foot barely visible in the painting. If you want to see that video again, it’s here. […]

  52. carmen goglanian Mar 1, 2015
    8:12 am

    Team work… it’s transformed and full of life, art imitating life:)

  53. Kent Pace Mar 3, 2015
    9:24 am

    The mural is unbelievable!!! Thanks to you and Lady Anne for ministering to those with such compelling needs. The photos of the actual people depicted in the video were very moving.

  54. Mercedes Stifter Mar 3, 2015
    10:59 am

    I am speechless! What a beautiful work of art and the concept, the project, the love behind it…so inspiring!! The Moores do it again…thank you for sharing this journey with all of us!

    I love the comments you made about blue being the color choice for the background! In typical Hyatt fashion, you just wanted to get rid of the white (I have heard that a time or two…haha) but how correct you are that God would have set this event outside with all of his natural beauty surrounding it.

    Hope to get back to painting with you and the Saturday crew soon!

  55. Paul & Nancy Thompson Mar 3, 2015
    4:36 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed your art. we have been also thankful for your ministries.
    You have changed remarkably through the grace of God since we knew you through South Bay Baptist.( We were college leaders for a short time ). We pray that you may continue to grow in Christ.
    Paul & Nancy Thompson

  56. Marianne Welsh Mar 4, 2015
    9:09 am

    Have known the Moore family since waaaay long ago at South Bay Baptist. Thank you both for this awesome work of art showing those whom our God loves and serves from many countries. Know that each has a story to tell. God Bless you in your future endeavors.

  57. Becky Jones Mar 20, 2015
    2:07 pm

    Hyatt and Anne,

    Such a beautiful scene and I have kept up with Joni every since she dived into the water and left her in a wheel chair. Beautiful picture and I know that people who see it will always remember you and Anne painting it for them. God be with you and Anne as you go about your work.
    Becky Jones