A Legacy Portrait

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Early in December an e-mail arrived in my in-box from Chattanooga:

Hyatt,  My wife’s father is dying, and I’d like to ask to commission you to do a portrait (from photograph).  He was a poet, and I want to make a canvas from photos from several of his poems (in his handwriting) and have you “paint over them,” much like you did of another portrait I’ve seen. Is this something you have an interest in doing?

Of course I said yes. At first there was no rush. But then, Christmas was coming, and it would make a great family gift. So I got right on it.

A following email supplied the photo of Edward Gould whom they called “Poppy.” He was a devout man. And tall: 6’6.” He lived with the family to a ripe age, dying while I was at work on the portrait. His body, “to science.”

All by email, I was sent scans of Poppy’s poetry. The idea was to incorporate them, not necessarily legibly. I couldn’t help reading them and becoming endeared to the man myself. A true father. I arranged a montage and sent it off to be printed on artist’s canvas.

Here’s how it was looking a good ways into it. I took a few days out for a family trip to Seattle. Still, I was confident about the due date, then the something surprising happened, described in the following email to him.

“One challenge that added to it all schedule-wise (and there’s always a challenge): yesterday morning I found myself with only half use of my right eye. Visits to three doctors occupied much of the day (with me painting in between and through the evening). This morning I had urgent surgery for a detached retina! Now I’m working with one eye patched, and instructed to only look down for two days.  I’ve found a way to keep painting in the looking down position, so all is well.”

So I painted the rest of it with one eye. I only wore the bandage one day, but the affected eye will be healing for two months, with little use meantime. To add to it all, at the check up, my other eye was found to have a torn retina, something the surgeon attended to immediately with laser technology. Incredible! And how grateful I am for the science. Meantime, the art continued.

Double click for larger view.

In the end I found a provisional frame so it would look good on Christmas morning. It was a $300 charge to get it across the country on time the week before Christmas. Happily, it satisfied. Here is the final e-mail:

The painting was a big event. A really great legacy. Know that your God-given talent has now become a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Not many men can say that about their giftings. Thank you.

I’m grateful, of course, for all things. Meantime, my eyes are healing, and I’m painting away on new projects.


PS  I wrote an account of discovering and addressing the first affect eye on my other blog, If Your Eye be Single.


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  1. Rosalie Irish Jan 4, 2018
    2:55 pm

    That is awesome! So sorry about your eye. My husband had a detached retina twice in the same eye and a sister had it three times in the same eye. The main thing is you can’t fly for a while or go up in altitude. Sure hope you are better. I am the VP for the Saddleback Art League of Mission Viejo and wonder if you would be willing to do a demo for us. If so you can contact me at Rosalie-Irish@cox.net. Thanks, Rosalie

  2. Sheila Goetze Jan 4, 2018
    4:15 pm

    A legacy portrait, indeed! Beautiful job, Hyatt. Sheila

  3. Kent Pace Jan 4, 2018
    8:32 pm

    Incredible portrait !!!! Am I swayed by the story… surely. However, the portrait stands on its own as an enduring work of art. Hyatt, thanks for sharing your gifts with so many of us.

  4. Carol Anderson Jan 4, 2018
    9:28 pm

    Really beautiful painting. It could become “a thing” you do.
    May you heal up quickly with no adverse effects.

  5. Ashley Jan 5, 2018
    8:22 am

    I love the weaving together of the two stories, his and yours. What a poem and what a painting. Poppy coming to terms with the struggles in his body and you having your own while you paint his portrait. A lot to chew on there. Great work.

  6. Jane Ice Jan 5, 2018
    2:26 pm

    What an unique and spiritual appearing piece of art. The strength
    in Poppy’s face surrounded by clouds of his poetry, seem to
    suggest immortality.

    Congratulations, Hyatt, on a very well done piece of art.

  7. Mary Jan 5, 2018
    8:58 pm

    Magnificent art, Hyatt. That is fascinating. You’re a stand up guy. Sounds like you’re in good hands with your eye doctor. A bit scarey for you no doubt. Missing you. Good stuff to share. I must call!

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