Altered Art and Upcoming Show

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People often ask me how long it takes to make a painting. I’m fairly fast so often the answer I give can impress. On the other hand, sometimes a painting can take years to complete. That’s when I take another look at a piece long finished and think, “I could do that different.” So this blog will show a few examples of where that has happened lately.

Then, at the bottom is an announcement/invitation to our next show at the house. Get it on the calendar as it’s coming up the end of this month.


Red Sun Hat, 36×24, oil. Click on titles for availability.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the background color and maybe brightening up the colors a little. The original version was fine but simplifying the background heightens the contrast and gives a little more drama to the beautiful figure caught in time. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)


Firefly, 28×19, oil

Speaking of adding drama, sometimes a strong color contrast is the ticket. Here was a piece I did years ago, out of my head as I remember. I came across it in my storeroom and started experimenting with it. I thought to take a picture after I’d begun with some red lines to reposition the arms. In the end I also turned her head, gave her a new garment, a new background, new hair and a new fitting title. Don’t remember what she was before, but now she’s a firefly.


Living Wonder, 30×24, oil

Here’s one that changed dramatically. Actually I only used the earlier painting as a blank canvas for the new one. The risk of showing these is that some will say they liked the first one. But I’d reworked it a couple of times some years ago and was never particularly content so away it went. Actually the new painting at mid-point held a certain intrigue, but no, I was after a large and dramatic floral. A new wall flower? (Again, click the photo to enlarge.)



Out and About became Still Water Night, 36×48, oil

Sometimes a “representative” painting can turn into an abstract, and sometimes it can go the other way around. I had the first one,  for some time, even showing it in a gallery, but when it came back I looked at anew and saw something else . . . like water, which then needed a boat to define it, and a few lights here and there that, though abstract, really do happen in nature what with reflections and all. Hope you like it; I do.



(Top) Out of the Blue Golds, 30×30, oil and gold leaf, and (under)  Rose in Gold, 32×26, oil.

In the case of both of the two paintings above, the workmanship was fine, the statements were complete, but neither had gone anywhere so I decided to dress them up in gold. That’s gold leaf on their garments. Nothing like a new set of clothes to change ones whole outlook. Click to examine that gold leaf work.


Walking Away iii, 47×28, oil

One more, just to illustrate again what a background can do to enhance the drama. I’d always liked the scumbling work on that sundress, paint over paint over paint to get a great texture. And I liked the simplicity of that hair, unlike with the dress, done in just a few strokes. It was a fine painting, but I was in the groove of refreshing paintings and altering background, so there she goes. (Click painting twice to better see that scumbling.)



Here’s an invitation to our next show at the house. In addition to the pieces shown above will be an array of new work, by both Anne and myself. And again this time there’ll be a good selection of “entry level” small works, highly affordable and beautiful. And, of course, it’s just fun. So come. Its pre-Halloween weekend. Pie will be served. (Costumes optional :-)





  1. Paul Carden Oct 13, 2016
    1:45 pm

    I especially liked “Still Water Night” and “Rose in Gold.” Thanks for giving us another look at how you approach these projects!

  2. Susan Morrison Oct 13, 2016
    8:28 pm

    Some of the originals, I like better…then, again, some of those that were redone are more impressive. I guess it depends on the mood one is in when one views the paintings. They are all awesome! You continue to amaze me!

  3. Kristin Wiebe Oct 14, 2016
    1:19 pm

    Gorgeous. Thanks for bravely showing old and new! Shows that less is often more, simpler is often lovelier. Beautiful work.

  4. Kent Pace Oct 14, 2016
    9:49 pm

    Still Water Night is excellent. I have been repainting canvases that you and I worked on a couple of years ago. Some were hanging in my home and reconsidered so many times, I could already see the new image. By the way, I was impressed with Pil Ho Lee’s work at Art-A-Fair this year. He gives you credit for helping him to bloom.