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We went to France, as last year we went to Italy, and once again it was an eye-opening, mind-expanding, foot-wearing experience . . . and beautiful in all aspects. No, we’d not been there before . . . except once passing through on a road trip to elsewhere. We were impressed by many things, not the least the friendliness of the people (regardless of my nil-knowledge of their language), the deep history (basically all through medieval times, and gothic, and contemporary), as well as the beautiful countryside. Then there was the art.

Being an art and art-history tour, with students and staff of Laguna College of Art and Design, we took in a lot of it. We toured museums, often at the rate of two a day, accompanied with on-site lectures by our own art scholars. We also toured towns and many sites with knowledge sprinkled in by local tour guides.


A quick sketch in Dordogne, south of Sarlat. The map shows the extent and route of our tour, starting and ending in Paris.

Being a group of artists, on-site sketching and, for some, water color painting was a value. Once again I filled a book.  Without realizing it, I’d purchased a sketchbook that was thicker than the one I carried with me last year on the Italy trip. Instead of 120 pages, this one was over 160. With the trip being just under three weeks in duration, that meant a lot of sketching every day. You do the math.


Le village au bord de la Dordogne.

Here’s where I was sketching when Anne snapped the above picture of me. You can see the same tower in the upper-middle.


Here’s the result of the efforts, another in the series of my 8 1/4″ square books. Following are some sample spreads.


As with all of these, click to enlarge.

A great many of the sketches were done in museums, like this detail of one by Paul Cezanne (left), from a life size photo of Claude Monet, and of one of his landscapes (seascapes?).


I sketched what struck my fancy . . . like these big eyed caricature paintings by Chaim Soutine and this bronze bust by Picasso.


Sometimes the sketches were of the environment, like this parked motorcycle (of which there were droves) or this Paris center scene with all of us hurrying through the rain.


Some of these drawings really need color to show their beauty, particularly those of Monet, but I stayed with line, and their art still translates strong.


Often the people in the museums are as interesting to watch as the art. The held up pocket camera was a scene as ubiquitous as . . . well, iPhones.


Notre Dame was not to be missed, something Anne and I took in on a free day in Paris. On one page (not shown), I drew it while inching along the line to get in.


Being a magazine and book designer in earlier days, my pages typically have some sort of unity. Those two chatting nuns, for example, were part of that Montmartre church, overlooking Paris.


My drawing doesn’t do justice to this and other book illuminations we saw . . . books being a major carrier of the culture through the ages. I didn’t do much justice to the Reims Cathedral either, but hey, these are only sketches.


As illustrated here, I used multiple drawing styles. I also used various media: pencil, ball point, felt tip and even “marker.” It was all to keep it interesting.


The haiku came late. It was Charlie, one of the students, who mentioned that his mother is a poet of such. It’s the classic Japanese form of three lines and measured syllable count: five, seven, five. I don’t know if that’s Japanese syllables or English. No matter, mine were mostly close.

(Again, click on each image to read the poems.)


One more, from a special exhibit of Van Gogh we saw in Arles, where he did most of his famous work. Once again, color is needed, particularly for that highly expressive self portrait at right. It was just a year earlier he’d done the more formal version of the left, dark and looking older. Then he changed. He saw new light. Got younger. Took more risks. Maybe there’s hope for all of us.


Okay, one more. Anne and me as we traveled light, sketch book temporarily set aside, camera in pocket, i-pad in purse, on a cool day in front of the ever-being-restored Reims Cathedral.

How to love France? Take love with you.

We did.





Impressions in Graphite and Ink, with Haiku


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  1. Judie Hess Aug 16, 2016
    1:35 pm

    Thanks for allowing us to join you on your Art Tour in France though your drawings. Always a joy to see your creativity.

  2. Paul Carden Aug 16, 2016
    5:35 pm

    C’est magnifique!

  3. Dean Dalbery Aug 17, 2016
    10:57 am

    Love the photo of you guys in front of Reims Cathedral!
    I’m jealous… I did Italy last year but you beat me to France!
    Can’t wait to add “Sketches of France” to my HM collection.

  4. Cliff Brown Aug 17, 2016
    12:33 pm

    I like the bronze bust by Picasso. Sounds like you are having fun. Keep going.
    We were in France 3 months ago to see the battle fields in northern France where Janice grandfather fought, and survived 100 years ago (World War I). We are working on his life story.

    Cliff, at our Newfoundland summer home. Port Rexton.

  5. Ruth Doolittle Aug 18, 2016
    10:30 am

    Hi I’ve been to France a couple of times and your sketches brought me back to France. I have done some sketches of my own but I really enjoyed yours!!! The photo of you and Anne was great!

  6. Veronica Khristov Aug 24, 2016
    10:58 pm

    What an outpouring of Art and Creativity between the both of you.
    But your writing does not stand behind your brush strokes and pencil drawings.

  7. Lisa Hoyt Aug 30, 2016
    1:34 am

    Oh ANNE and HYATT!!!!! What a wonderful wonderful trip!!! And with artists! To another of my very very favorite places!!!! I love all that you saw! You brought back everything I got to see with such style and talent! WOW HYATT!! I want this book too!!! I SOOOOO love looking at them.. I have been so busy with this move, hoping it is my last.. Wanting fun times now.. Praying that is next for Kevin and I… Trips again to these gorgeous places… Hoping to begin painting and drawing myself again.. I am so excited because the Lord has placed it on my heart to start this up again! These pictures of yours have motivated me even more!! Thank you for sharing once again! Blessings! Lisa