Art and Wine

December 7th, 2017

Evening Stroll, a new piece created “just because.” Click for details.

Hey believer, here’s one for you, especially along the lines of art and the finer things. Sometimes it’s easy to doubt whether what we’re doing, making, enjoying are the essential things, and thus worthy of our time, expense, occupation. I make paintings. But life goes on without paintings. So should I be doing it at all? That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. You’ve wondered it too, in your context.

But here’s an insight. It comes right out of the story of the miracle at Cana. You know the one, everybody does; it’s where Jesus turned water into wine. I’ve often wondered that this was Jesus’ first miracle, really just to keep the party going. It wasn’t one of the more profoundly necessary ones, like giving sight to the blind, healing lepers, raising the dead. It was “general,” surreptitious (only the servants knew), and basically just solved a catering problem.

But here’s the take away, at least for me: Wine and art are similar. Both are “extra.” Both are “special.” At the wedding, once the wine was gone they could have still gotten by. Just not well. Jesus kept it going well. He blessed the finer things.

I’ll take that . . . and keep doing art . . . always seeking help . . . which I see again, he freely gives.

God bless us everyone.


  1. Gloria Engel Dec 7, 2017
    11:38 am

    I do like the point you are making. I also think that the water being turned into wine by Jesus speaks in a special way to what happens in Communion, what could otherwise be an ordinary meal.

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 7, 2017
      12:40 pm

      Yes, though that’s a different point, of which there are so many.

  2. Frank and Sally Hall Dec 7, 2017
    11:38 am

    Fantastic. Always so insightful. We are ‘always’ blessed by your art n insights
    Merry Christmas 🙏❤️

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 7, 2017
      12:41 pm

      Thanks. You too.

  3. Norm Dec 7, 2017
    11:53 am

    Art is a beautiful thing. So much of the “finer” things are seen in creation. Take the platypus, the orchid, or the coral snake. No display of essential here, just pure art and wonder. Whether it be a painting, a garden, a piece of music (even without words), or sculpture, or jewelry… these cause us to stop, to look, and to ponder. All good, and each helps to deepen our understanding of God and humanity, and nourish our spirit. Art can be diminished in a busy culture. I say let’s encourage it!

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 7, 2017
      12:41 pm

      My sentiments exactly.

  4. Mark Taylor Dec 7, 2017
    11:55 am

    Hyatt, you had me at wine! :-)

    The “extra/special” things can be used in positive ways or negative ways, not unlike money. You’ve obviously chosen to use your gift of creating art in a very positive way.

    We know that our God loves to give His children gifts to enjoy. Thinking of music, art, wine, creation, etc. it’s amazing how plentiful and rich his gifts are! In addition to our enjoyment though, I believe these gifts have a very positive impact on us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Maybe they’re more essential than we think?

    Our God is amazing!

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 7, 2017
      12:42 pm

      Yes, I believe that too, about the actual essentialness.

  5. Ashley Dec 7, 2017
    1:05 pm

    This is great. It really speaks to His personality. Why would Jesus settle with mundane when spectacular is so much a part of who He is? Your thoughts remind me of something I heard the other day- When He created the world and said “It is good.” what He was saying was it is good for us. All of the spectacular is for our enjoyment and he blessed us with the chance to give a portion back. A beautiful sentiment. A beautiful post.

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 7, 2017
      1:14 pm

      Right on! The goodness is for us! Thanks, Ashley.

  6. Patricia Rody Dec 7, 2017
    3:23 pm

    Love it Hyatt! We cannot out give our gracious and generous God!

  7. Susan C Peterson Dec 7, 2017
    6:42 pm

    i love this Hyatt and I completely agree!!! :)

  8. Sylvia Dec 8, 2017
    3:10 pm

    Interesting, Hyatt. Someone asked me the other day if the bilingual dictionary that I’m working on is worth it. I said that I didn’t know. Your example speaks to that. Thank you.

  9. carmen Dec 8, 2017
    8:50 pm

    Hyatt, I feel that art when it’s missing and not there is when you feel the void. Not everything in life is only necessities. God created color, texture, and taste, for enjoyment, and yes…pleasure. Art evokes emotion, joy, and feelings. So Hyatt keep on painting, God put that talent inside of you. I know that you enjoy the journey of creating your art pieces.

    • Hyatt Moore Dec 9, 2017
      6:10 am

      Thanks Carmen, spoken like the true artist you are.