A Word for Me (?)

February 28th, 2017

At the easel. An angel behind? What a thought!

Here’s a pearl. We’ll see if anyone recognizes it as such.

Three days ago I was at a conference where, among other things, some people who were apparently equipped to have special messages for specific people spoke them out. These are deemed prophetic, and if it resonates, can be encouraging . . . even supplying the courage to go out and do whatever it is.

My experience in this area is always a bit cautious, a mix of skepticism and belief. In this case, some seemed general enough they could easily apply regardless. Others were quite specific. During a break I approached a couple of the individuals who had received such and asked if they felt it was unique to them and helpful. They each answered in the affirmative and gave me details of why.

Okay. But not everybody was receiving. Most were just looking on. Including me.

But at the end of the day, as everyone was leaving, a young woman I didn’t know came up to me and said she had seen me in her mind the day before. I was younger, she said, and with dark hair. We laughed at that. She said she’d received a word for me, which she’d written down.

“Okay,” I said, “Read it to me.” She did. Here it is in full.

The Lord knows your name.
You are going to move forward quickly.
There is acceleration on your life—increase and acceleration.
The Lord sees you as a young man—with much time and much to still accomplish.
He is encouraging you to take a step, and when you do, great acceleration will happen.
Lots of quick movement in the Spirit and in the natural.
You will be very encouraged to see this happen, and see how quickly this will happen.
Step forward. Now is the time.

The Lord says He is in this. Be encouraged.
Everything He has shown you and told you in the past is all true.
Dream bigger.
There’s an angel who stands behind you when you paint.
You have a supernatural anointing for supernatural increase—and an anointing to give it away.
Many will experience increase and acceleration and will also benefit from your step of faith.
Now is the time!

So there it is. I asked if she’d give me the piece of paper and she did.

You’ll recognize a certain vocabulary, but of more interest is the repetition of certain points. Truthfully I don’t know quite what to make of it. What the step is that I’m to take is not known to me. In the past, steps of any significance have required either great courage or great sacrifice. Like, loss. If that’s required here, I can only hope I’m up to it.

I will say that an angel standing behind me while I paint is a powerful thought. I could wish instead that I stand behind him and he do the painting! But it’s never that easy.

I’ll also say that as of yesterday morning I’m out of my slump. Remember my mention of that in my last blog with a number of pieces ending up in the fire? Yesterday I attacked two large works that had me stumped for weeks, transformed them both, and now they’re already hanging, still wet, in our Laguna gallery!

What’s next? Who knows? If you think this resonates, let me know. Or if you are encouraged by these words, then more power to you, too.

Either way, we’re all blessed.


PS  Tomorrow evening (March 1) I’ll be the guest speaker at the Huntington Beach Art League. This is a large and dynamic group where I’ve done this before. Besides a talk, I’ll be doing a live painting demonstration. It’s 7:30–9:00 at the H.B. Senior Center, 18041 Golden West Street. Open to all.

PPS  Thursday evening, this week, Anne and I will be in the Sandstone Gallery for the Laguna Beach Art Walk. I usually paint live during these events. All the galleries on the street are open. It’s 6:00–9:00.


  1. sue Feb 28, 2017
    12:50 pm

    Wow! Take it, I say! Loved it all! I need an angel, too, these next two weeks – lots of interfacing w/ people and lots of traveling. I’ll be encouraged and brave while riding your prophecy. God bless us everyone. Sorry to miss your live events.

  2. Gary Feb 28, 2017
    1:24 pm

    No wonder we had trouble adjusting lights while you painted here in Arlington; the angel kept blocking the light!! lol.
    Seriously, I pray the angel is always behind you and it gives you great encouragement to keep out of that slump.

  3. Lori Payton Feb 28, 2017
    3:09 pm

    Ps 91:11 “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Such comfort in these Words. Looking forward to seeing your next step. Love you.

  4. Kristan Feb 28, 2017
    5:32 pm

    I think it’s wonderful. I find Mary’s approach to such things to be a wise one–after her encounter with Gabriel, she “treasured up these things and pondered them in her heart.”

  5. Ginney Herbert Feb 28, 2017
    8:08 pm

    Well there you go….be encouraged!

  6. Beth Mar 1, 2017
    8:21 am

    I love the way God surprises us into more of His mystery… often at a time of slumping! Does He not awake our curiosity? “Is this you Lord?” What a joy it will be to see the living out of this, Hyatt!

  7. Julie (Klaver) Steiert Mar 1, 2017
    8:29 am

    Hyatt — that ‘s a very anointed prophetic word! And yes. Yes. Yes, it resonates! Every word of it! Something bigger… hmmm… if someone would ask me if I knew someone who could paint a chapel or cathedral ceiling — I’d know who to refer them to. I’m already dreaming of those who will benefit from your step of faith!!! Mazel tov!

  8. Alison Urbank Mar 1, 2017
    10:36 am

    Clearly a gem among experiences, Hyatt. And perhaps the loss related to receiving this particular pearl is already behind you. I went looking for a favorite poem about it and found this in the meantime: “The Pearl is not a bauble meant to dazzle others’ eyes. It, like wisdom borne of suffering, is its own reward and prize.” John F. McCullagh

  9. Sophia Beccue Mar 1, 2017
    1:39 pm

    I would love to see this come true for you. I also love the picture of an angel behind you while you paint. I have much to learn about the realm of prophetic words, but since you put it out there, I would wait with anticipation and see how the Lord bring about this matter to fulfillment.

  10. Pat Mar 1, 2017
    2:51 pm

    I share your mindset on these kind of experiences. However, I experienced a similar “speaking over me” some years ago and a major change did come in my life soon after. It was all for God’s glory and I’ve never forgotten it. May the Lord continue to lead you and Anne into steps He prepared for you in advance that honor Him and bring you great joy.

  11. Randy Mosten Mar 1, 2017
    6:01 pm

    Hyatt, It is always fascinating how God works and sends messages and encourages us. Providing what we need when we need it when we trust in Him. May that Angel behind you guide your hands in all your works.

  12. Terry & Patricia Lampel Mar 2, 2017
    3:18 am

    Hyatt, I too am skeptical in such situations. Regardless, God can & often does speak to us, when He chooses and where He chooses. I firmly believe that ANY time we receive encouragement and exhortation, such as you did, IF we will receive it we are always blessed & lifted. Goodness knows we ALL need it from time to time, again as you did. One sure word from the Word: Our God loves to hear and answer the prayers of His children. Amen! ;o)

  13. Betty Shea Mar 2, 2017
    8:02 pm

    I believe it all. It has already started.