Blank Slate–Looking Back, Looking Forward

January 1st, 2013

Hi Blank Slate readers, and greetings of the new year. It’s another time to look back and look forward. Here at the house we took a moment to do that around the dinner table, asking each to share one high point of last year. I said this blog.

It started one year ago today, with 75 subscribers. Now, some 98 posts later, there are 521 subscribers. The subjects have varied, some comical, some personal, some philosophical. Fairly early it turned into meditation on Ecclesiastes, and I’m still thinking of publishing the series in book form when the ten or so entries left are done.

Recently I took time out for the nativity, a worthy topic at any time of year, but not to be missed in December.

The personal takes have included my Wish for More list this day last year, and the Wish for Less List that followed. Then there was the Anne-aversery in February with the overview of our 46 years together, and Jesus After Breakfast, a poem of self-conviction. More recently there was Musings on Being Age 69. That, and The Two Lists in One, was a good exercise for me, and maybe a model for you to do likewise.

There were some intentional diversions into blatant humor like Gobbledygook and E-Mail Disclaimers, The Entabulator, Letter to Nigeria, More Title Options, Blog Spams, and Response to Blog Spammers. There are always more of these kind in mind, but I never know how much of your time to take up with such frivolity. Then again, we do need to lighten up; the world can be too serious.

For the more serious, however, there have been links to a couple of sermons, like Love, the Greatest Power in the Universe, and Not What but How, thoughts on faith.

Then there are the comments from readers, which can be as interesting as the posts themselves. I’m always grateful for them.

And I’m grateful when I learn that some reader has shared a post with a friend, or recommended subscription.

As for what’s next, I don’t know. It is a “blank slate.” I have some ideas–more biblical, more humor, more personal, more philosophical. Who knows? Your suggestions will be useful.

So, as the early Romans
exchanged gifts and wished each other good fortune on this day,
(believing that the beginning of a thing was omen for the rest of it)
I also wish you good living,
good working and playing,
good moving and resting,
good thinking and good reading this year.
I’m glad we’re together.



BTW, I just delivered another sermon, pertinent to the “New Year.” It’s called Transitions and speaks of hope. To listen, click on the link.


  1. rita Hopper Jan 1, 2013
    7:01 am

    May the Good Lord Bless you this year.
    Would love to see your musings in book form whatever the topic – just the way you presented them in Blank Slate!

  2. Marie Chichester Jan 1, 2013
    7:42 am

    Happy New Year Hyatt and Anne…Thank you for blessing me with your writings and paintings throughout 2012. For me one of my highlights of 2012 was the day I dropped in with my Mom (age 90) and Aunt (age 88) and we met both of you in person for the first time…You treated us like we were your best friends. Thank you…both my Mom and Aunt still talk about that unexpected, special day.

  3. Barbara Mosten Jan 1, 2013
    9:54 am

    Happy New Year, cousins! Thank you for a year of wonderful writing! We look forward to more in the year ahead!

  4. Norm Jan 1, 2013
    10:38 am

    A Blessed and Happy 2013 to you and Anne, Hyatt. This past year has been truly enriched by the Blank Slate. May God keep your wisdom cup full!

  5. Marty Dieckmeyer Jan 1, 2013
    11:23 am

    Bless you Hyatt, I’ve enjoyed your blog and mostly your friendship.


  6. jcl Jan 1, 2013
    11:42 am

    Hi Hyatt, Nice reflections on this past year. I like the Janus example. How about the book of Proverbs? Hope life is going well. jcl

  7. carmen Jan 1, 2013
    3:30 pm

    Hyatt, how about the fruits of the spirit?

  8. Judy Brocato Jan 1, 2013
    5:16 pm

    Hi Hyatt…..loved Sunday morning sermon. You speak like you write and I always enjoy it so much. Love your blogs……and sometimes I even comment on them…..May God continue to bless you and Anne and your family!!!!! The Lord spoke to me about resolutions as well this year…….not always as I don’t usually make resolutions & don’t tend to set goals for myself.…..But this year it was different…..I felt the Lord was speaking to me to not only listen but to ACT on what He is saying!!! I love that…..Your word FOLLOW fits right into that…… I so loved how you connected the dots from Deaut. to 1st Cor. I enjoyed it all. Loved it! Thanks so much.

  9. Tim MacDonald Jan 2, 2013
    1:40 am

    Great year Hyatt – many thanks for all the hours of thinking and writing. I have been challenged, encouraged and at times, admonished. You even joined us for Christmas as our family read through your nativity writings – think we’ve adopted a new tradition!

    Agree with the encouragement to walk through the Proverbs – great follow-up to Ecclesiastes. If we ever needed wisdom, the time is now.

  10. Pastor Adam Barton Jan 2, 2013
    11:26 am

    Yes, Hyatt, thank you for doing so much thinking for us!
    Don’t stop.
    Have a blessed new year!
    Pastor Adam Barton
    Akron, Ohio

  11. carmen Jan 2, 2013
    8:20 pm

    I must say that any subject you choose will have depth to it. You always make me think outside the imaginary box. Happy New Year Hyatt and Anne.

  12. Stacie Jan 3, 2013
    10:34 am

    Hyatt, I have enjoyed your blog and had missed “Jesus After Breakfast.” That’s a beautiful poem! Happy New Year.

  13. Pat Jan 7, 2013
    9:27 am

    Hooray, Hyatt, for one year of inspiration and fun. Your posts are never predictable! And that is a good thing in a world that hungers for freshness. Next Christmas who knows . . . maybe we’ll be ordering your book to give as gifts to friends and family. Wouldn’t that be something!